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At Gwanghwamun 2/2

Title: At Gwanghwamun 2/2
Pairing: Kris/Lu Han
Genre: Romance, Angst
Length: Twoshot
Rating: PG-15

Summary: In the middle of the cold and and busy plaza called Gwanghwamun, a man named Yifan stands, waiting patiently for the love he lost.

A/N: Hello everyone! This story is inspired by the song of the same name by Kyuhyun. The moment I heard "At Gwanghwamun" back in November, I fell in love.
The music is absolutely beautiful and the lyrics are deep, especially in the non-translated context.
I just knew that I had to write a story about it and that it would be perfect for my otp.
This story is like my child, and I hope you guys enjoy it and maybe show it some love because it was made out of pure love. Enjoy reading! :)

October brought colder days to Seoul, people opting to wear thicker coats for warmth. Yifan was back in Gwanghwamun again. A pile of fallen leaves blown by the wind scattered around his feet. It made him wonder if his two feet had a mind of their own, making him go back to the plaza when he didn’t even plan to. It seemed like they longed for the feeling of walking on fallen leaves, most especially in Gwanghwamun.

“Even you guys are so obsessed with autumn in Gwanghwamun.” Yifan muttered to his feet.

Gwanghwamun was indeed a sight to see in autumn. It was no wonder that Lu Han loved this place. He and Yifan shared a lot of memories here. They went around Seoul for their first date and it was rather awkward for Yifan because he didn’t want to make a fool out of himself. His words were minimal, with Lu Han doing most of the talking.

By the time they reached Gwanghwamun, Lu Han poked him on the side before smearing his face with half-eaten ice cream and running off as far away from him as possible, laughing hard. It took Yifan a few seconds to process what happened and he immediately ran after the other, his inhibitions shedding away with every step. They kept running around the proximity of the plaza, ignored by the people passing by. When he finally caught Lu Han, even with his unsteady breathing, he laughed hard and smeared his cheeks with the sundae that melted onto his hand. Lu Han didn’t even fight back and just kept on laughing at Yifan, eyes like crescents gleaming in delight. Yifan felt his heart tug and race harder even though he was already breathing properly.

It was at Gwanghwamun where they shared their first kiss. After strolling around the Han River they somehow ended up riding the midnight bus and stopped over near Gwanghwamun. The city lights looked lovely in contrast to the dark night sky. It was a cold autumn night, their breath forming into soft fogs. The sharp intakes of the cold night air made them yearn for warmth. Yifan tightly held Lu Han’s hand in his own, keeping it in his coat pocket.

South Korea wasn’t that keen on the idea of same sex relationships but Lu Han, always the free spirited man that he is, had no trouble in expressing his affection for Yifan, even in public. That night there were only a few people around. Yifan also gave in to the thought that whoever sees them would just think that they’re two close male friends. It’s ironic how Korea frowns upon same sex relationships but everyone, even the men, are not shy about being touchy with friends and other relations.

When he felt a sudden tug in his hand, Yifan stopped in place and looked at the man beside him. They were in standing in front of Gyeongbokgung gate, one of the many beautiful landmarks Korea proudly showcases to the world. He was just rooted in place, staring at the black haired man, the faint yellow light making him glow. Lu Han’s eyes always have a certain twinkle in them. That is a known fact. Yifan never thought that it could even be more breathtaking with the night light of Gyeongbokgung gate casted upon them. Before he could even grasp what was happening, Lu Han leaned forward with toes tipped and kissed him. Yifan felt the grip on his hand tightening and his breath hitched for a second. Closing his eyes in submission, Yifan smiled and felt like he was having his first kiss as silly as it may seem. Being with Lu Han made him feel like he was experiencing every single thing for the first time all over again.

Yifan knew, he just knew, that he found his other half in Lu Han. He missed everything about him. His smile was tattooed in his lids and he could never possibly get rid of it even if he wanted to. His laugh played on and on like a broken record that Yifan would never throw away. And his soothing voice, his warm and pale skin, his twinkling doe eyes and his touches that could calm Yifan’s turbulence or rile him up well, Yifan could just go on and on and never find anything that he doesn’t miss about Lu Han.

It was the first time that someone made me that nervous
You were the only one
You were more lovable than anyone else
But why did you leave me?

The lines formed in Yifan’s mind and stuck with him as he continued his stroll, head still glancing from side to side every now and then, still hoping to see a familiar face.

“Stop drinking. What good will that do?” said Yixing.

In one of the food stalls near the company building, Yixing tried to pry a half-empty soju bottle away from Yifan, half-drunk from all the drinking he had been doing for the past two hours. Empty bottles stood on the other side of the table and Yixing could only sigh in pity. Yifan was a mess.

“It’s my fault Yixing. I… I was just too fucking in love with him…” Yifan’s voice was broken and trembled. It’s been over a month since Lu Han left without a trace. Yifan has been drinking away the nights trying hard to find temporary solace, but to no avail. Yixing has been with him on more than one occasion and every time Yifan seemed even more and more broken.

“Yixing, it’s all my fault. All he ever wanted was to be free to be who he wants to be. All he ever wanted was just space and freedom and I was too selfish to even give him that.” By now the tears have silently fallen from Yifan’s face, marking dark blue spots on his jeans. Yixing reached out his arm to give out any form of comfort that he could. It was an odd sight to see Wu Yifan in such a state, always the cool and collected one among his peers. It was a painful sight indeed, Yixing thought.

“I was too selfish Yixing. It’s just… I have never loved anything or anyone as much as I loved Lu Han. I wanted to keep him in my arms and never let him go. I was afraid of losing him and now that’s exactly what happened all because I made him feel suffocated and trapped when all he ever wanted was to be free. I don’t even know where he is or what happened to him. I would never forgive myself if anything bad happened to him all because of me.”

Yixing noticed the blinking light of Yifan’s phone and gently nudged the crying man. When Yifan saw the name on his display screen he answered it in an instant.

“Hey Lao Gao, have you heard anything from Lu Han?”

There was an air of hesitance from the other line but after a sigh, the other finally replied. “Yeah, we just heard from him recently. He’s not in Beijing nor anywhere in China. He’s still there in Korea.” Yifan’s eyes glistened and his heart skipped a beat. Were his ears deceiving him?

“He told us not to tell you, but I know that you’ve been worried sick about him for weeks now.”

“Where is he? Where in Korea is he?”

“Honestly he didn’t even tell us that part. It was just a short talk. But I just called because I wanted you to know that he’s fine.” After a few seconds Lao Gao added, “I really do hope that both of you work it out. He really loves you, you know. And I know that you do too so, I just really hope you work things out.”

After the call ended Yifan turned to Yixing with wide eyes and heated enthusiasm. “Yixing, Lu Han’s in Korea, I have to find him!”

Running a hand through his hair, Yixing looked at Yifan with a stern look. “Don’t you remember what you just told me minutes ago? You just told me that the guy just wants space and that it’s all your fault for not giving it to him and now you want to go find him when he doesn’t even want to be found? Yifan, take a hint.”

Wanting to just surrender, his mind already wrung out of answers, Yifan gave Yixing a tired and confused look. “Then what am I supposed to do?”

Yixing smiled his good-natured smile, prominent dimples in display. He was a man of few words but when he does speak, it always says a lot. With an assuring grip on Yifan’s arm he answered him. “Just wait.”

“Wait?” asked Yifan, one eyebrow quirked up.

“Wait.” Yixing replied, his smile unwavering.

It’s been the seventh time this month since Yifan went back to that same old plaza. His slow steps kept him wondering about the priorities he had let slip past his fingers that day. In the back of his mind a little nagging voice that he hasn’t heard in a while snapped at him. “Ya, you lazy slob! You better start doing your job or I’m going to kick you out of that bed and out of that door!”

With more teasing and a stolen kiss, Yifan would often run out of the apartment door as fast as he could, laughing hard on his way out as he locked Lu Han behind.

He stopped on his tracks when he heard a very distinct laughter in his midst. He immediately turned his gaze around. That was without a doubt Lu Han’s laughter. In the wide expanse of the plaza Yifan found himself running around, eyes perpetually scanning every single area, staring at the passing faces of the people on the side roads, hoping, praying that one of them belongs to someone he has not seen for so long. Stopping by the Great King Sejong’s statue, he comes to a halt, trying to catch his breath. Perhaps it was just one of those days when his mind would play tricks on him and make him hear things that weren’t there.

Longing for someone or something too much can honestly do unthinkable and unexplainable things to mere humans. Things such as that are more often than not beyond our control. The pattering of the water spouting out of the fountain managed to calm Yifan’s nerves and the buzzing of the people around him made him feel that he is once again a part of reality.

Was it even right for him to still go back to this place when a greater part of him shouts at his illogical side that Lu Han will never appear in this place the way he used to before? But people in the brink of desperation or driven with such emotions tend to lose sight of logic and will not even give a damn about it. Lu Han loved this place. This place meant a lot to both of them. It was, no, it is their place – a place only they know. Lu Han is bound to come back here one day. Until then, Yifan will just patiently wait, looking around for a glimpse of that familiar face that remained tattooed in his lids and in his heart.

Rain poured down, leaving Gwanghwamun drenched in its wake.


Minseok walked in one day on one of the studios expecting to see Yifan and Yixing waiting for him. He did not expect to see a crying Jongdae wiping his tears with the back of his hand. Kim Jongdae was known around as the company’s “Dennis the Menace” and for him to actually tear up says a lot.

“What the hell happened to Jongdae, did you guys break him?” Minseok asked the other two men, astounded by the sight of a crying Jongdae. “Wow, never thought that day would come.”

“Shut up hyung!” Jongdae barked at Minseok. “Yifan hyung, how could you write something so beautiful? It’s so sad.”

“You just walked in on Yifan singing the chorus and you’re already crying about it.” Yixing commented nonchalantly.

“Shut up!” Jongdae turned his back on the other three before looking back once to Yifan. “Hey hyung, can you please write a song for my next album. I’ll beg Joonmyeon hyung if I have to.”

Once Jongdae was gone, Minseok turned to Yixing who was sitting on the couch and Yifan who was sitting in front of the piano. “So you’re finally done with the whole song?” he asked.

“Yeah. Do you want to hear it?” asked Yifan, voice a mixture of hope and fulfillment. Minseok smiled and nodded, walking backwards to sit next to Yixing. The latter threw a suspicious look at Minseok, whose smile was genuine yet spelled something different.

“Tell me what you think when I’m done, okay?” Yifan placed his fingers on the piano keys, feeling the smooth plastic cover before pressing down and letting the familiar melody engulf the room.

Unbeknownst to him, Minseok silently began recording with his phone the moment Yifan started playing. Yixing gave him a look but Minseok quietly shushed him before looking him in the eyes, trying to tell him to just trust him. Yixing eventually understood Minseok’s purpose, slowly glancing at Yifan to see if he noticed either of them. Yifan was too absorbed in the song and the other two just allowed themselves to feel the same way. After a few beats Yifan’s voice slowly mixed with the melody.

How was your day? There’s still a bit of summer left
For some reason I had a tiring day
When the leaves on the side of the road of Gwanghwamun changed color
That was when I finally lifted my head

Yixing watched Yifan’s eyes come to a full close and he felt like there was a barrier between them and the man playing the piano, like he was closed off in a world of his own, his warm voice and words still enveloping the room.

We used to shine so bright together
But now we are strangers
In your arms the world was mine
Goodbye to those childish days

Today, like a fool, I am standing at that spot
Getting wet in the rain
Waiting for you who won’t come
I was happy
At the memories of holding hands and walking together, I look back
In case you are standing there

The piano kept playing on, Yifan’s eyes slowly opening yet still in a dreamlike trance where it was only him and the piano, his heart laid bare for the world to see. It felt raw, even to the two spectators who stared silently, feeling every single emotion the man was feeling. It went on, the piano and the man, his heart bare and his words pouring.




Yifan was on the rooftop with Minseok, waiting for Yixing who went to get food from the convenience store. Yifan sat on the dusty cement while Minseok chose to remain standing up, not wanting to get his pants dirty.

“Do you think Lu Han will hear this song?” asked Yifan, gaze far off into the horizon.

Minseok looked at him from where he was standing before stating out what seemed to him was the obvious answer to the question. “Well, if it gets to be released, then the probability is pretty high.”

After a moment of hesitation, Yifan, whose voice was full of hope, asked the question that his heart desperately wanted to know the answer to. “Do you think he’ll know that it’s a song for him when he hears it?”

Minseok pondered over Yifan’s question. Surely he must know how Lu Han feels, Yifan thought.

“He probably will.” Minseok said with a smile. Yixing finally joined them, setting down the plastic bags on the ground before sitting next to Yifan on the dusty ground. Minseok can’t help but give them a look of distaste before crouching down and eating with them.


Two days after submitting their demos, Yifan ran into Joonmyeon who excitedly skipped towards him in the hallway and gave him a brief hug. “Yifan, I have great news for you!” the latter said.

Yifan’s brows raised up in wonder as he asked Joonmyeon why. “I have talked with the other heads about the demos you have all submitted. Yours was one of the songs that we liked best. Well I don’t want to jinx it, but there’s a really great possibility that it will be the title track; “At Gwanghwamun” sounds like a really great name for this upcoming album. I’m not supposed to tell you about it yet but I’m just really happy for you! But you’ve got to act surprised later when I announce the chosen tracks in the meeting, okay?”

Yifan’s eyes light up at the news and hugged Joonmyeon out of delight, incessantly thanking him. The news was made formal in the meeting later that afternoon, colleagues congratulating one another. The recording was set to start in two days. Yifan can’t help but smile from ear to ear. This was it. Lu Han is just somewhere out there. He is bound to hear this song once it’s released. Yifan has never felt more hopeful in his life.


Later that week Tao told him to come by and visit the recording studio where Kyuhyun was and so he did. Any artist would always feel the need to know how their creations are being handled, wanting to ensure its perfect state at all times. When he entered the studio, he was greeted by the arranged version of his piece and Kyuhyun’s mellow voice. Baekhyun, one of the music editors, greeted him. It was nice to listen to the words that he spun together that spoke of their story. The way Kyuhyun’s voice sang it gave off such warmth and feeling to the studio.

At that place, I get to know
How I’m slowly changing everyday
In the far days ahead, just smile for me

I’m happy
Because today, this place is just as beautiful as it was back then

For no reason, like a fool, I’m standing at this spot
Getting wet in the rain
Waiting for you who won’t come
I was happy
I look back once again at this road in Gwanghwamun
In case you’re standing there

“Yifan hyung, you did really well on this one. When I first heard it, ah, it just went like a dagger through my heart.” Baekhyun whispered to him, hand patting his chest to emphasize his words.

Yifan chuckled before whispering in return. “You flatter me too much. But thank you though.”

He was feeling hopeful. Even if there wasn’t any guarantee, he still prayed that it will all work out right. He has gone through a lot without Lu Han by his side. Regrets, anger, sadness and pain eventually made way for longing, yearning, and hope. Everyday people experience subtle changes, may it be from the world around them or from within themselves. Although he would never want to relive those dark days again, Yifan appreciated how it made him stronger and better in the end.


He was sitting in the corner of a café situated in the outskirts of the city. His fingers flipped through the pages of a book turned yellow from age but handled with most care. The curve of his lips turned up and his eyes like crescents gleamed, amused with the lines printed on paper. Minseok tapped on the table to let the man know of his presence.

“I didn’t expect you to actually come Lu. You look pretty well.” said Minseok as he pulled out a chair and sat opposite the man.

“Hello to you too Minseok. It’s been a long time. How have you been? How’s the company doing? I heard that Kyuhyun will be making a comeback next week.” said Lu Han, taking a sip from his iced Americano.

“Doing really well, still living in perfect bliss with my lady. Company’s still on top, as always. And yeah, Kyuhyun’s having a comeback next week.”

Lu Han nodded in reply but was caught off guard when Minseok spoke again. “I’m quite surprised that you didn’t ask anything about Yifan. Knowing you that’s the only question that’s really on your mind.”

And it was true. Lu Han averted his gaze, afraid that his guilt will leak out of his pores and infiltrate the atmosphere. “I can’t face him Minseok. I’ve hurt him too much. I don’t deserve someone like him.”

“Tell me more then. Enlighten me.”

Putting his book aside, Lu Han covered his face with both hands before clasping them together, as if in prayer, eyes falling on the wooden table. “Minseok, I am full of insecurities. The only problem in that relationship was me. He’s perfect, he loves me so much and I can’t even be half as good for him. I was losing myself, losing a sense of who I really am. It’s like I’m becoming a stranger to myself and I’ve grown so frustrated over it all.”

“He blames himself for it all actually. He said that if he didn’t make you feel so caged and suffocated then maybe you would have never left.” After a sip of his regular, Minseok continued. “He was a mess back then but he seems better now.”

Lu Han shook his head and bit his lip. “No, it’s my fault. I just… I just needed time to find myself.  If I stayed with him then he’ll just end up getting hurt. I would have ended up blaming him for everything and hating him because of it. I love him too much. I didn’t want to hurt him anymore. That’s why I left.”

Lu Han felt a hand tapping his shoulder and as he looked up, Minseok’s thoughtful smile beamed at him. He watched as Minseok took a pair of earphones and his phone out of his bag.
“I have a little something for you, maybe this will help. Have you heard the teaser for Kyuhyun’s new song?”

Lu Han shook his head as he took the earphones from Minseok’s hand. The latter nodded his head, pleased. “That’s good. Well, since you’re a pretty special person, I’m going to let you hear the whole song. But this version is far better than Kyuhyun’s.”

Lu Han quirked up an eyebrow in suspicion and Minseok simply widened his eyes in threat. “Just listen to it!”

With a roll of his eyes, Lu Han finally complied with his friend’s words, putting on the earbuds as Minseok tapped the screen. Lu Han’s ears were greeted by a melancholic melody. It was beautiful, he thought. Very beautiful. His heart stopped and his body became petrified when a voice he has not heard in a very long time started to sing.

With much difficulty, he managed to look at Minseok who was smiling knowingly at him. “He wrote it.” Lu Han managed to catch those three words even with the music and his voice swimming in his ears. He just sat there on the half-empty café, the lyrics drowning his thoughts out and his voice finding its way into his heart once more.


It’s raining hard again.

Yifan cursed under his breath as the first fat drops of rain fell on his head, gradually increasing in amount, completely dampening his clothing and eventually leaving him drenched. He opted not to bring an umbrella with him since the sun was shining brightly earlier that day and it didn’t seem natural to suddenly have this abrupt change in weather.

People around him were running for shelter while the few who did bring their umbrellas walked fast paced away from the plaza. Somehow Yifan found himself rooted to where he was standing, like something was compelling him to stay. He really did look like a fool, a lunatic, standing in the middle of Gwanghwamun plaza, without an umbrella, getting drenched in the rain.

Yifan smiled despite his current state, opting to stare at his own feet. However, something suddenly felt odd to him. He didn’t feel the rain falling on him anymore but clearly from what he could see, the rain was still falling hard as it had been. Instead of distant sounds of raindrops, he heard the pattering of it against thick cloth, loud and clear. His questioning mind was finally answered when he turned around.

It is natural for people to fantasize and to imagine things that we wish to happen. Such scenarios play all over in our mind, different words that we wish to exchange constantly being supplied. We think of what we would say, how we would react, how the other people involved would react and how everything just plays out in the end.

However, more often than not, when we do find ourselves living out those fantasies or those daydreams, we forget those well-rehearsed lines and expressions. Our mind is left a blank slate, perhaps due to the trauma the shock delivers. When the expected becomes the unexpected, we are left in a momentary daze.

Yifan always hoped to see Lu Han again at Gwanghwamun. He always thought that perhaps Lu Han was just lost in the crowd, but that would never be the case because for Yifan even in a sea of people Lu Han will always stand out. Although he earnestly hoped to meet Lu Han again in this place, he never actually expected it to happen. Lu Han was finally standing right in front of him, and Yifan was left without words.

“You idiot. I didn’t know you literally meant everything you wrote in that song! What on earth are you doing here getting all wet in the rain?” Lu Han said, his voice having an unmistakable tremble which he tried to hide as he kept a strict face and punched Yifan lightly on the arm.

“How did you… The song hasn’t even been released yet.” asked Yifan, still in shock.

“Minseok recorded it. I haven’t heard Kyuhyun’s version yet, I only heard yours and that’s the only one I plan on listening to. You idiot, look at
you, you’re all drenched!” Lu Han still stood in front of him, eyes glistening and watering. He was trying to hold back the tears, that much was obvious.

Yifan didn’t remember anything about Minseok recording him but he couldn’t thank him enough. Despite being wet from the rain, Yifan immediately held Lu Han in a tight embrace, scared that what he was seeing was yet another figment of his imagination. Lu Han’s soft chuckle and warm embrace convinced him that his mind was no longer playing cruel tricks on him. He was living in reality. “Didn’t you hear the song? I’m waiting and looking back in case you’re standing here. And you finally are. You came back.”

“I’m so sorry. I never should have left you. It was just –“

“I don’t care what happened in the past. We can just forget all the pain. All that matters is you’re here. That’s the only thing that matters to me.”

“You really did keep your promise. I’m not even through with my share. You’re willing to wait though, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“You made me live forever. I’ll make you live forever with me.”

Yifan chuckled lightly when he realized what Lu Han was talking about. “Nope, I can’t wait that long. Finish it now.”

Lu Han’s attempt at arguing was cut short when Yifan decided to kiss him. The familiar yet surreal nature of the kiss wiped away the words he had in mind. Instead he asked the first question that came into his mind.

“Why were you so sure that I’d come back here in Gwanghwamun?”

Yifan pondered for a moment, wanting to construct the right words. “There is a place only you and I know, and it just so happens to be Gwanghwamun.”

“That sounds just like a line from a song. You always speak in lyric. Besides, you idiot, everyone knows about Gwanghwamun.”

“You know what I mean.”

And Lu Han does.

As Yifan held Lu Han closer to himself, the latter abandoned the umbrella he was holding, allowing himself to be soaked in the pouring rain.

“Thank you for waiting for me.”

“Thank you for coming back to me.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

In the cafés around town, or even in the radio and music players of the modern age, people across the globe listen whole heartedly, feeling the warmth of each note, as Cho Kyuhyun sings about the story of a man waiting for a love lost. The unknown ending to their tale, unbeknownst to all, has finally taken place as the two lovers of the story have found love once again at Gwanghwamun.

At Gwanghwamun 1/2

Title: At Gwanghwamun 1/2
Pairing: Kris/Lu Han
Genre: Romance, Angst
Length: Twoshot
Rating: PG-15

Summary: In the middle of the cold and and busy plaza called Gwanghwamun, a man named Yifan stands, waiting patiently for the love he lost.

A/N: Hello everyone! This story is inspired by the song of the same name by Kyuhyun. The moment I heard "At Gwanghwamun" back in November, I fell in love.
The music is absolutely beautiful and the lyrics are deep, especially in the non-translated context.
I just knew that I had to write a story about it and that it would be perfect for my otp.
This story is like my child, and I hope you guys enjoy it and maybe show it some love because it was made out of pure love. Enjoy reading! :)

Four seasons have passed. Yifan looked around from where he was standing, a very familiar spot. The cars beeping with no rhythm, incessantly blasting their impatience and distaste, have lessened after some time. The plaza in front of him was not as crowded as it had been earlier. But these were irrelevant to him. What he saw before him was how Gwanghwamun bids the scorching traces of August farewell and welcomes September and its coldness with a familiar embrace.

The Bermuda grass in front of Gwanghwamun was losing its greenness. The leaves of the trees were turning lighter, faintly tinted with yellow. The colossal bronze statue of the Great King Sejong remained proud and majestic in the middle of the plaza. People walking by were now clad in coats, trying to find warmth in the chilly afternoon. The buildings on the side of the roads beside Gwanghwamun remain the same. Indeed, Gwanghwamun seems to have been untouched by time. Everything seemed to be how it’s supposed to be, but Yifan knew that it hasn’t been the same for a long time. Not without him.

Not without Lu Han.

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Hello Hello!

Hello there everyone! You can call me Joyce. :)
I write all sorts of stuff but the ones I post online are mainly Krishan fanfics.
I have originally posted those stories on AFF and I plan on putting up all those stories here as well. They may or may not have minor edits since I constantly feel the need to polish up my work.

Feel free to look around and read anything that you like. Enjoy! ^^ 


The Apartment

TITLE: The Apartment
PAIRING: Kris/Luhan
GENRE: angst, romance, drama
LENGTH: oneshot
SUMMARY: Love can be found in the apartment next door
WARNING: character death

A/N: Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on LJ! ^o^
This was originally posted on Asianfanfics and I plan on posting all of my fics from there and putting it up here. I was feeling extremely melancholic when I wrote this so, yeah. I added some minor (pretty pretty minor) stuff so this is technically a revised version.

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